Update by user Mar 28, 2014

UPDATE. Just sold a 2010 Motofino MF50QT-2 that i received for free with a blown crankshaft, i replaced the crank with an aftermarket taiwwan built and got it running again.

the plastics on the QT-2 were exceptionally durable unlike the QT-6 i originally owned, the scooter had been through a lot of hard miles in all kinds of weather and i have to say except for the blown crank it held up with only a few scratches.

the engine died at 3000 miles, the brakes were still original and had most of the pads left, everything still worked, i have to say despite everything i was impressed with the overall quality of the QT-2, if not for only having 10 inch wheels i probably would have kept it for a daily rider, it really came to life with the new crankshaft and a new Keihin carb.

if you are in the market for a Motofino i would not recommend a QT-6 but i think you would be very happy with a QT-2 or 10D model.

the owner of the company is an awesome guy i just wish things were followed through with my issues i had with the QT-6.

hind sight i should have just bought the 10D to start with. they do need to work on their warranty and allow consumers to change their own oil with a stipulation that if it is proven that damage was caused from improper maintenance the warranty is void.

Update by user Sep 16, 2013

I gave up on getting situation resolved with Motofino, i recently bought another name brand scooter and it is great and a lot better quality at a cheaper price.

Original review posted by user Aug 16, 2013

Scooter has 2,621 miles on it and in those miles the engine had to be repaired half a dozen times.

I have been in contact with the company several times and was made empty promise after promise so finally i said just send me a good used engine and i will move my stuff over to it, i received a used engine with a blown crankshaft, i have to get a new crankshaft if i want to have any more use of my $1,200 scooter.

The owner of the company said i must be doing something wrong if the original engine keeps losing oil (it leaks out of the block), he also said i requested a used engine and that is what i got, he refuses to do any more to help even when i explained that the used engine he sent was blown.

I have seen a few other Motofino scooters leaking oil so i am not alone.

Monetary Loss: $1279.

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Augusta, Georgia, United States #728163

A lot of information has been left out of the story. This guy voided the warranty from the original dealer because he wanted to do his own service and not bring it in for the required first oil change and valve adjustment; which he knew about before his purchase.

Next he came to us and asked us to please help him because ... We tried even to the point of sending him a used block that he could rebuild with his expertise labor and parts provided gratis by us. Sorry world we, I guess are not perfect.

I don't think this web site is fair to publicize a head line MOTOFINO scooter is garbage when in fact it is one of the highest quality scooters on the market. The lesson learned here is please let trained MOTOFINO mechanics service your new purchased bike.

to MOTOFINO 1 #728274

the dealer didn't do the oil change, they refused to do it at the 250 mile mark that motofino demands in the warranty, they wanted me to ride longer and they charge $47 for an oil change WITHOUT valve adjustment.

the scooter had several oil leaks with very low mileage, the kickstand broke off of the frame due to poor welds, plastic had broken tabs at the points where it connects together and it is supposed to be high impact ABS plastic.

i received a used engine because several attempts to get motofino to send a new engine failed and i had to take what i could get.

i did rebuild the engine and it did run but that didn't resolve the problem with the cheap plastics and the frame starting to rust where the weld broke off.

i will mention my friend's motofino that the engine has to be cleaned often to get the oil off of it from several leaks and the fact that not one local dealer near me will sell motofinos including the one i got mine from.

i now have a Taotao GT5-50 that is very solid and has already given me over 1000 miles of trouble free riding,no oil leaks, no broken plastics, no broken welds and a great ride.

it handles the bumps very well without anything cracking or breaking and our roads all have bumps and a lot of them you can't avoid.

i should mention it is a lot cheaper AND the company allows the consumer to do their own maintenance without voiding the warranty.

if you have some time read the motofino warranty on their site, it is better than watching a good comedy.

to pcdj64 #917426

HI , I wanted to comment on the quality of Motofino scooters..I Bought a used motofino 50CC scooter from my neighbor , She had only put 180 Miles on it when she sod it to me..It was in Great shape.It Ran fine for me for about 18 Months .I did the oil changes .the first at 250 Miles.and kept up on Preventative maintentance , Then at about 2 years of owning my scootything seemed to brake at once! First the kick start just completely broke off when i tryed to start it..the whole lever and spring coil just broke off leaving a huge whole in the cover.

second the mirrors just started coming loose all the time until finally I could no longer tighten them because the socket they screw into stripped do to cheap metal.

now the carberator is always having to be ajusted .and will not stay running on its own no matter how much i turn up the idle screw.Now it stopped starting for me all together , I took it to a scooter mechanic and he told me the head was just about shot , and he had to loosen the valves for it to run..If anything i could see having to tighten the valves every so many miles.not loosen then ! he said the Gy6 engine is made from cheap metal and all scooters with this gy6 engine are known for only lasting about 2 years if your lucky..This made sense to me since I live on an island were they rent scooters to tourists and after each season sell them all to buy a new stock..The mechanic said these Rental places do this because they knowthe scooters will not last 2 seasons and tourists are ruff on them..So they stopped buying Motofino..They were loosing money because the motofino QT50 plastic is cheap and brakes very very easy ..and the engines are also made from a very cheap chinese metal and will never last long...So my advice is buy a vespa or any other brand of scooter..just avoid chinese junk.....

to Miss spelled #1013074

Motofino is the ONLY company building scooters in china that import the metals used in the engines, they are the only engines that every single one is the same specs and every one is tested before it is sent out.

the QT50 is the lowest quality model you can buy, the style is also the same as the taotao ATM50.

if you want one that will hold up you could get the MF50QT-2, those things are built like tanks.

to MOTOFINO 1 Cedar Park, Texas, United States #881381

I can't find "an approved" anybody who works on my motofino. I have less than 500 miles and it needs work.

No information online, no scooter shops will touch the thing, can't find parts. it IS garbage.

to Seriouslydi #1013077

not many shops will touch anything made in china because of the cheap metals used in manufacturing them.

Motofino imports the metals they use for their engines and most shops do not know this so they won't touch them.

YouTube is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to chinese scooters, you can learn how to fix anything that goes wrong with them.

when it comes to made in china, Motofino is the only brand i would trust.

compare them to taotao and you will see why.

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